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Should You Payoff Your Mortgage?

In Cash Flow and Budgeting, General Financial Planning, Personal Finance, Personal Financial Planning, Retirement Planning by Chip Hymiller

One of the major goals that most people have is to, at some point, be debt free.  This is a goal that we (Chip and Erin) strive for in our personal lives and we highly encourage our clients to prudently consider as well.  In fact, research has consistently shown that people with manageable debt levels tend to be happier than …

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Beat Inflation With I Bonds

In Asset Allocation, Bonds, Cash Flow and Budgeting, General Financial Planning, Investments, Personal Financial Planning by Chip Hymiller

In a prior article, we discussed the importance of maintaining an emergency fund.  We offered our insight into how much is appropriate to keep in cash or savings, as well as emergency fund targets.  As a result of that article, we were asked the question:  “Where can I invest my emergency fund, such that it earns an interest rate that …

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Is that type of insurance necessary?

In Cash Flow and Budgeting, General Financial Planning, Insurance, Personal Finance, Retirement Planning by Chip Hymiller

A key component of our one-time financial planning engagements involve assessing how much insurance coverage our clients need while also reviewing the insurance policies that clients have in order to determine if they are adequate or necessary. In doing so, we often find that people have purchased insurance products that are either not necessary or entirely too costly.

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Personal Finance Stress Test

In Cash Flow and Budgeting, Personal Finance by Chip Hymiller

I stumbled across this little tool at that I thought was pretty neat.  The purpose of the tool is to seek an answer to the question, “How healthy are your finances?” You enter answers to a series of questions and the calculator determines, or grades, your financial health.  I entered a few hypothetical situations and I thought it provided …