tree-in-handBeacon is entrusted with the responsibility of managing the investment portfolios for many of our clients. We take this responsibility seriously by constructing enduring portfolios that offer clients the highest probability of achieving their investment objective.

Beacon’s Investment Management service is appropriate for those who would like to delegate the management of their portfolio to a professional advisory firm.

Client accounts are established with the institutional divisions of the discount brokerage firms, Charles Schwab & Co. or TD Ameritrade. Schwab and TD Ameritrade Institutional clients receive monthly statements, trade confirmations and have web access capability.

Both firms provide Beacon Financial Strategies with daily downloads of transaction and other account-related information, while also providing a trading interface enabling us to place trades in client accounts.

Beacon interacts directly with both Schwab and TD Ameritrade Institutional to handle all investment and client-service related matters on behalf of clients.

For insight on our investment philosophy, we would suggest that you watch the following video.


To summarize, we believe an effective investment strategy has the following attributes:

  • Customized and based on client-specific considerations
  • Adequately diversified among a variety of asset classes
  • Maximizes the use of low-cost and tax-efficient investments including index funds
  • Embeds flexibility to adapt as personal circumstances and market conditions change
Beacon places trades for all managed client accounts.

It is important to note that Beacon Financial Strategies maintains Investment Policy Statements for every client.  The investment policy statement outlines, and places limits on, how your portfolio will be invested and the types of investments that are used.

We spend quite a bit of time working with each client to determine their investment preferences, distribution requirements and risk tolerance before placing any trades on their behalf.

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Beacon Financial Strategies serves our clients in a fiduciary capacity, when managing investment portfolios.  That is, we are required to act in our client’s best interest at all times.