Beacon’s Net Worth Management (“Wealth Management”) service combines all Financial Planning, Tax and Investment Management services into one customized solution. As our most comprehensive and effective service, it is ideal for those who need assistance coordinating multiple aspects of their financial affairs. Net Worth Management is designed for individuals and families who want the peace of mind of having a trusted financial advisor who can help make strategic financial decisions. We will build a comprehensive, dynamic plan focused on your goals that continues to evolve as you make progress. Typically, we meet 3-4 times during our first year together. Going forward, we meet 2-3 times to review investments and periodically revisit planning topics. Following our first data gathering meeting, we begin to implement your financial plan based on your prioritized goals.

Net Worth Management includes retirement planning, asset allocation and portfolio development, investment management, account consolidation, investment recommendations, performance reviews, estate planning, insurance reviews, tax planning, education planning, and rebalancing of portfolios. But it really is so much more!

Clients should expect:

  • Proactive Ongoing Financial Advice from a team of professionals focused on your goals.
  • Updates to retirement plans as often as necessary to reinforce strategic financial decisions.
  • Semi-annual tax planning that focuses on tax minimization strategies.
  • Investment management with a focus on keeping costs low.
  • An enduring portfolio structured with your goals and risk profile in mind.
  • A flexible financial plan that embeds adaptability so that adjustments can be made as circumstances change.
  • A sense of organization, knowing that you are taking advantage of financial planning, tax and investment opportunities.
  • A partnership with a firm that is committed to helping you achieve your financial goals through a business model that limits conflicts of interest.
  • A culture that seeks to provide excellent service to our existing clients in all areas of their financial well-being.

In the video, “Benefits of Beacon’s Net Worth Management Service,” Erin P. Campbell, CPA/PFS, CFP® provides more insight and some of the benefits of this service.